Stunning self-catering cottages by the side of Loch Duich

View of the Five Sisters and Loch Duich from the Glenelg Road


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The photo gallery below shows a selection of images from the local area as well as pictures of the Mullardoch Cottages accommodation. Included are pictures of Loch Duich, the Five sisters, Eilean Donan Castle in Dornie and the village of Plockton.

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The Five Sisters of Kintail
Eilean Donan Castle, Dornie
Eilean Donan Castle at Sunset
Seaside Cottage and Loch Duich
Loch Duich at dawn
Our boat in front of Seaside Cottage
Eilean Donan Castle
Double bedroom in one of the cottages
Loch Duich
Loch Duich in winter
Looking out from a boat trip on Loch Duich
Eilean Donan castle
Seaside Cottage
Pine marten on the patio table
The front of Seaside Cottage
View towards the five sisters
View up Loch Duich
Waterside Cottage
The front of Waterside Cottage
The sitting room of Seaside Cottage
A twin bedroom
Daniel's 1st birthday on board the boat
Steps up to Shoreside Cottage
The sitting room of Shoreside Cottage
Open Plan kitchen and sitting room
A double bedroom
View through the windows of Seaside Cottage
Our guests of 27 years, 65 years married
The sitting room in Waterside Cottage
Waterside Cottage
The patio in Waterside Cottage
Waterside Twin Bedroom
Waterside Twin Bedroom2
Waterside Twin Bedroom
Waterside Cottage Shower Room
Waterside Cottage Shower Room
The sitting room in Waterside Cottage
The front of Waterside Cottage
The kitchen of Waterside
The exterior of Waterside
The Five sisters of Kintail
Our boat, the Monach Isles moored in Loch Duich
The view from up Loch Duich
Common seals hauled out in Kylerhea